Section G: Validator Lifespan

This section explores the Validator lifespan in the L1X blockchain network. Discover how these essential nodes contribute to the network's security and consensus mechanisms throughout their lifecycle.

In the L1X blockchain network, validators play a crucial role in maintaining the integrity and security of the system. The validator lifecycle encompasses the various stages that validators go through, from their initial selection to their ongoing participation in block validation. This process ensures that only trustworthy and competent participants are chosen to validate transactions and create new blocks. The validator lifecycle involves steps such as staking, selection, validation, and potential penalties or rewards. By understanding the intricacies of the validator lifecycle, stakeholders can gain insight into the inner workings of a PoX blockchain network and appreciate the robustness of its consensus mechanism.

  1. Validator enters the "In" stage by staking L1X coins.

  2. After one cube, the validator joins the selection queue after being eligible.

  3. Wait for a minimum of 4 cubes based on network dynamics and nodes ahead in the selection queue.

  4. Validator becomes eligible for selection as an active validator.

  5. If selected:

    1. Validator enters the "Active Validator and Block Proposal" stage.

    2. Validate transactions and contribute to consensus.

    3. Possibility to propose blocks through a pseudo-random algorithm.

    4. Repeat steps 5-9 until exit conditions are met.

  6. For Self-Exit:

    1. Wait for 5 cubes.

    2. Initiate an unslashed exit.

  7. For Enforced Exit:

    1. Identify the exit condition (e.g.: lifespan completion, random exit, insufficient balance, or being slashed).

    2. Wait for 5 cubes.

    3. Initiate a slashed exit if penalized else initiate Unslashed Exit.

  8. For Unslashed Exit:

    1. Wait for 50-100 cubes for withdrawal.

    2. Proceed to the "Out" stage for withdrawal.

  9. For Slashed Exit:

    1. Wait for 4000 cubes for withdrawal.

    2. Proceed to the "Out" stage for withdrawal.

  10. Validator completes the lifespan and proceeds to the "Out" stage.

  11. Withdraw the staked amount from the network.

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