Section B: Users Staking into Delegated Liquidity Pool

Examine how users can participate in decentralized liquidity pool by staking their assets to facilitate seamless transactions and earn rewards.

Is this part of On-Chain or the staking pools are handled by an intermediary layer?

This is a part of the on-chain activity where the users will be staking into a decentralized staking contract which will be allowing the Full Validator Node node to be the delegated account.

L1X Coin Holders can delegate their stake to the Full Validator Nodes and the rewards will be automatically distributed to the delegators based on the amount staked and the rewards that are calculated for that period.

This is done to maximize decentralization and allow the opportunity to everyone to participate in the staking process directly at the node level. It also allows maximum security in terms of accounts that are responsible to be the contributors to the total staked value on the protocol.

Will I get a Liquid Staking Derivative?

No. At the moment there will be no derivative provided. Regardless, there could be DeFI projects that build solutions around this. This could be an opportunity for other DeFi projects to build derivatives on staking.

How do I stake my L1X into the Validator Nodes?

There will be contracts available which you will interact with to stake. The process will be simple and easy to follow. This will be offered by Validator Nodes. The contracts are part of the core protocol. These contracts (that are built into the protocol) will allow you to stake in them while you choose who (Validator Node Provider) you want to delegate your staked amount.

When can I start staking?

You will be able to start staking in the Mainnet-Beta phase. More information will be released before the launch of the Mainet-Beta.

When can I withdraw my stake?

You can withdraw your stake with the condition that you have set with the Full Node. If you have set up a configuration to withdraw with a minimum time period with the Full node then that will be applied to the contract.

If the Full Node gets slashed, do I also get slashed?

Yes. The same slashing mechanism will apply so please apply only after looking at the right validator node providers.

What is the unbonding period?

After the mainnet launch at the end of January, the unbonding period will be 30 days.

Do I earn rewards during the unbonding period?

You will not earn rewards during the unbonding period.

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